Veterinary Technician
Peticote Veterinary CLinic LLC
Southampton, New Jersey 08088

Job Description

Our veterinary technicians assist in surgery, place IV catheters, give vaccines, speak with clients on the phone, make appointments, radiographs, assist with anesthesia. We also offer in house urology testing (Sedivue), blood work (Idexx), and in house progesterone testing.  We send all of our fecal tests out to the IDEXX Lab.   Our Veterinarians do surgery that includes spay, neuter, foreign body removal, c-sections, growth removals, dentals and more procedures as needed.  A very large part of our practice is dermatology,  Our techs are trained to make and read cytology slides.  If you have not had experience doing this we will teach you.  We have our techs trained by an outside veterinarian dental specialist to insure they know the best and safest way to clean and polish teeth. Out techs also do cold laser treatments for rehabilitation and can help with exercises if needed.  We have had two techs trained in the University of Tennessee Rehabilitation Program.  One is certified in Canine Rehabilitation.
The practice is located on a 350 acre Preserved Farm in Burlington County.  Patients are primarily dogs and cats.  We offer Lab Exams, digital x ray, in house lab work.  We also offer Boarding for our client's pets.
Salary is based on experience, skills and education.  We offer paid vacation, health care, and a 401 K Plan with Profit Sharing.
Please feel free to call, text, or email if you have any questions about this position (609 351 6006 or 609 351 4814 cells)

Preferred Years Of Experience:

2 Year(s)

Education Required:

High School

Academic Discipline:

Biological Sciences

Employment/Position Type:

Full Time,Part Time

Computer Skills Required:



No Travel



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Date Posted : 05/25/2020

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